Why i paint on paper?

I chose to paint on paper because it allows me to create a lot of paintings at the same time. This is the way all famous painters in the world worked.

If painting is on paper does it means it’s lover quality than on canvas?

Not and all. My artwork has been created on a special Canson mix media archival 300 g/m2 paper. That means it's the same durable as canvas and it doesn't catch mould. Plus painting comes in a frame so it will be protected by the glass for years. While on other side it's difficult to care about canvases as most of the time they don't have a protective frame and will catch dust and other tiny particles easily. It's also difficult to determine canvas quality when you are not an expert and don't see the back side of it.

Is gold on my paintings real one?

Yes! Gold leaf on this painting is a real one. This type of gold often used in interior decoration and it's very delicate material.

Can i customise artwork?

At the moment i don’t provide such service.


My paintings are signed on the back.



All purchased items will be sent by French post, tracking number included.

Express delivery

I provide express delivery by DHL (with tracking number) on request and additional cost.

Custom duties

Buyer is responsible for all customs duties if there is some.

My painting is late

If purchased painting is late contact me and i will get in touch with shipping company.

I’m worrying that glass on the painting will break

Before sending artwork i place on the side with glass foam board and wrap everything with layers of bubble paper. Like this i can be sure that it will not be damaged. I did send big paintings in different parts of the world and never had problem with safe delivery.


Gift wrapping and packaging

I provide gift wrapping for all items. It will be tissue paper with cotton ribbon. You can always give me instructions for colors you prefer.


Before placing the painting in a cardboard box i put on both sides foam board and wrap it with bubble paper. So this way glass in the frame will not break. Also on the box, i stick tape which indicates that item is fragile.


Colors on the painting looks slightly different

Colors you see can vary a bit because of different color balance on computer screens.

Any other questions?

Send your questions through “Contact Me” page.